Boekingen Wij bellen u

Wij bellen u

Wij staan tot uw beschikking om u nadere informatie over uw reservering of verblijf te verstrekken. Vul dit formulier in en we zullen contact met u opnemen. Wij helpen u met alle plezier.

Camping Rupit

Tel. 93 852.21.53

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Acogedor y limpio

Estuvimos para el mes de Junio alli con una oferta de una web. Era un mobilhome para 5 personas (eramos 3) y todo esta organizado para q no le faltara detalle! Muy limpio, comodo y conservado.


Honden zijn welkom in onze camping

pas u koferu


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Camping Rupit is located in the geographic center of Collsacabra, in the east of the mountain range of Cabrera and at the end of the Osona, of great interest.

Rupit retains its cobbled streets and rustic houses of the sixteenth and seventeenth century, a typical scene of medieval character.

Offers Camping Rupit

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