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We are at your disposal for further information about your reservation or stay. Please fill out this form and we will contact you. We will be happy to assist you.

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Camping Rupit

Tel. 93 852.21.53

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    • CABALLO DE MAR (Pineda de Mar – Maresme – Barcelona)
    • RIU (Sant Pere Pescador – Costa Brava – Girona)
    • TUCAN (Lloret de Mar – Costa Brava – Girona)
    • RUPIT (Rupit i Pruit – Osona – Barcelona)
    • CALA GOGO (Calonge – Costa Brava – Girona)
    • CALA CANYELLES (Lloret de Mar – Costa Brava – Girona)


Tramadol Ultram Online

10 SENIA Cheques = 210,00 €

*VAT included, tourist tax not included


  • Valid from opening until June 30 and from September 1 until the end of season
  • Valid at any of the campsites of Sènia Group.
  • Vouchers can not be combined with other offers and not refundable.
  • Minimum purchase of 10 Sènia Cheques
  • Indispensable Sènia Cheques delivery (paper) upon arrival
93 852 21 53


a .Cancellation of booking 15 days before the arrival date shall entitle the holder Sènia Cheques to change your booking dates.
b. Cancellation of booking within 14 days prior to arrival or “no show”, will result in the loss of value of the checks assigned to the book, which can not be reused.
c. If arrival date , Sènia cheques are not present, the reservation is cancelled. The customer may decide to hold reservation, paying full price established for those dates. For inquiries, you can contact us via info@rupit.,com. Remember also that they may use these Sènia Cheques in other specific PROMOTIONS by SÈNIA CHEQUES (Bungalows, padel…) , which can be found posted on our website
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